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Current Sermon Series

God's Presence, Our Presents

We can easily feel overwhelmed in the weeks running up to Christmas. In fact, it's now extending to be the months leading up to Christmas, as the modern day cathedrals we call shopping centres start putting up decorations, setting out the seasonal stock, playing the Christmas tunes and launching their advertising campaigns. Why do they spend money on all this and why do we make our annual pilgrimage to the stores?

Because we have to buy gifts for our families, friends and colleagues, but why is Christmas a time of giving? Christmas is the time we celebrate God's gift to us in the Lord Jesus. Our Christmas sermon series looks at God's present to us, the gift of life through Jesus' death on the cross, and His presence in us as the Holy Spirit. Then we look at how this lies behind all giving at Christmas time; to each other, to those in need and to God Himself.

Come and join us at our Helensvale or Southport campus as we prepare for Christmas by thinking about God's Presence, Our Presents.

God's Presence. Our Presents.


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It's Our First Anniversary!

Join us as we celebrate the Lord’s goodness and all He has done since CrossLife began, one whole year ago!

It's amazing what the Lord has achieved in that time. The building of the community node at Highland Reserve and the planting of a new church in that community, not to mention the opening of a new Young Discoverers Childcare Centre. These are just the first steps on a journey with Him that we pray will continue to bear fruit in many amazing ways.

When: Sunday 24th March 2013
Where: Highland Reserve State School, Multi-purpose Hall, 570 Reserve Rd, Upper Coomera
Time: 9:30am

Note that there will be no services at Helensvale or Southport!

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Young Discoverers Signup

About Young Discoverers

Young Discoverers is the heart of how we serve the young families of our communities. It is a child care service based out of three centres to help young families as they raise their small children in a busy and complex world of work, school, family, financial pressures and everything else that makes raising children a complex task. Young Discoverers Child Care Centres are safe environments in which child can play and learn, and mum and dad can leave them confident that their needs will be well met by our professional and well supported staff.

The church background provides a safe governing structure and non-profit community heart which adds to the personal environment of each centre.

The mission of Young Discoverers is to provide the highest quality, family oriented Childcare by nurturing children in an environment of Christian love and care. The children at our centres have a great time with each other and with our excellent staff.

Our Centres

Our centre at Helensvale has been in existence since 1996 and is known as a great centre with high credentials when licensed. Due to the growing population and demand for child care on the Gold Coast, our second centre, at Highland Reserve Upper Coomera, opened in January 2013, situated right next to the community park and lake as part of the Highland Reserve Community Node.

Our third service is the Out of Hours School Care at Highland Reserve State School. We run before and after school hours care, and vacation care during school holidays.

If you want more information, or to book your child into any of these great ways of caring for your child, call 55 297 888

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Community Node

Our commitment to serve and develop our surrounding communities on the Gold Coast led us to develop and manage the Highland Reserve Community Node at Upper Coomera in partnership with Stockland and Queensland Baptist. Here we are providing space for our Young Discoverers Long Day Care centre, a small 60n place community centre, and four community retail spaces. The node is a great partner to the park and is situated overlooking the Highland Reserve lake.

The node provides more than just services though. It is a community space with a heart for people so the whole community can benefit from a church serving its people in a variety of ways. We want to provide a haven of rest in the midst of a busy world! We imagine a place where the whole community together, businesses, the school, church and other community groups work together in a safe environment to help one another. A healthy vibrant community is good for business and good for families. And we believe it is just the sort of communities God had in mind, and the Lord Jesus wants to see blossom and grow all the more. Working alongside our new Highland Reserve CrossLife campus, we look forward to this vision becoming a reality.

At Highland Reserve, CrossLife is making its next step in helping the Gold Coast develop healthy vibrant communities where kids grow up safely and families thrive together. And behind it all in us is the Lord Jesus and His grace, strength and purpose.



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Our People

Meet our friendly pastoral staff

Matt Hunt

Lead Pastor

Matt is our Lead Pastor. Matt used to be a lawyer and loves talking and writing lots! He has followed Jesus since 1975.

Stu Quarterman

Helensvale Campus Pastor

Stu is our Campus Pastor at Helensvale. Stu was a teacher and loves running marathons. He started following Jesus in 1994.

Ken O'Rourke

Southport Campus Pastor

Ken is our Campus Pastor at Southport. Ken used to be a cameraman at the ABC and loves technology. Ken has been following Jesus since 1959.

Stefan Maslen

Highland Reserve Campus Pastor

Stef is our Campus Pastor at Highland Reserve. Stef has worked in retail, now he loves introducing people to Jesus, whom he has followed since 1992.