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The Story

Every country has a story. Every family has a story. Every person has a story.

Indeed history itself is merely a story! What holds it all together? What is the "big idea" behind it all? Where is God in what has happened?

History has been described as "His story" and we engage with God's story in many ways. The Bible tells his story, unfortunately in homes on the Gold Coast and across Australia, Bible's sit collecting dust on a shelf rather than being read and discussed as a way of understanding and embracing life at its best.

The Story is a series to help us get the Bible as a whole. Taking big steps CrossLife will go through the whole Bible and let it sink into our hearts and lives. There is no better way to find life. Come and learn and live as we go through The Story.

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As we make our way through The Story, we will be adding sermons and associated resources to our Media Library.

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About CrossLife

CrossLife – a baptist church (CrossLife), is a multi-site baptist church in the northern suburbs of the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. CrossLife is a member church of Queensland Baptists, the Baptist Union of Queensland.

Our history

CrossLife was formed in March 2012 when Southport Baptist Church and Helensvale & District Baptist Church came together. Helensvale was started in 1987, and Southport in 1961. They have a long standing presence in their local communities. The formation of CrossLife was prompted by the desire of both churches to see new churches planted on the northern Gold Coast, one of Australia’s fastest growing areas. This desire was reflected in January 2013 when the third CrossLife campus, Highland Reserve, started operating at our new “Lakeside” community node at Stockland’s Highland Reserve Development in Upper Coomera.

Our community

CrossLife is a church that engages with its communities in various ways, not merely by church services, youth programmes and small groups; for example, Crossroads, a disabled programme at Helensvale, teaching English at Southport, and through our community node at Highland Reserve. In particular, we have strong connections with the families in our communities through our Young Discoverers child care services and other activities and ministries toward children and families. We are keen to see these pathways into the community become pathways for these children and their families to meet and find life forever in the Lord Jesus and the gospel.

CrossLife today

In 2014, there are over 670 children and adults across the three CrossLife campuses with 227 members. These people of CrossLife come from the region of the northern Gold Coast, centred upon its immediate suburbs, a region typical of Australian middle suburbia. The region has both blue and white collar workers, young families, retirees, and families with teenagers. The state and private schools around us are among the largest in Queensland. There are high income earners, and low income earners, employed and unemployed throughout our catchment area. Further residential and commercial development in the years ahead promises the broad flavour of the region will continue, in particular in the Gold Coast northern growth corridor between Helensvale and Beenleigh where it is expected a further 200,000 will move before 2030.

Our ministry team

CrossLife’s Ministry Team Staff is centred in the four areas of the church as follows:

Overall CrossLife team

Matt Hunt (Lead Pastor)
Ian Lumb (Strategy & Development)
Dean Herring (Children’s Team Pastor)

Helensvale Campus

Stu Quarterman (Campus Pastor)
Aaron Fozzard (Youth Pastor)
Simone Herring (Crossroads Deputy Director)
Zea Eagle (Counselling Pastor)
Nan Burnett (Young Discoverers Chaplain)

Southport Campus

Jimmy Hill (Campus Pastor)
Max Warmington (Community Pastor)

Highland Reserve Campus

Stefan Maslen (Campus Pastor)
Lisa Lester (Young Discoverers Chaplain)

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2014 Annual Report

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Community Node

Our commitment to serve and develop our surrounding communities on the Gold Coast led us to develop and manage the Highland Reserve Community Node at Upper Coomera in partnership with Stockland and Queensland Baptist. Here we are providing space for our Young Discoverers Long Day Care centre, a small 60n place community centre, and four community retail spaces. The node is a great partner to the park and is situated overlooking the Highland Reserve lake.

The node provides more than just services though. It is a community space with a heart for people so the whole community can benefit from a church serving its people in a variety of ways. We want to provide a haven of rest in the midst of a busy world! We imagine a place where the whole community together, businesses, the school, church and other community groups work together in a safe environment to help one another. A healthy vibrant community is good for business and good for families. And we believe it is just the sort of communities God had in mind, and the Lord Jesus wants to see blossom and grow all the more. Working alongside our new Highland Reserve CrossLife campus, we look forward to this vision becoming a reality.

At Highland Reserve, CrossLife is making its next step in helping the Gold Coast develop healthy vibrant communities where kids grow up safely and families thrive together. And behind it all in us is the Lord Jesus and His grace, strength and purpose.



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Our People

Meet our friendly pastoral staff

Matt Hunt

Lead Pastor

Matt is our Lead Pastor. Matt used to be a lawyer and loves talking and writing lots! He has followed Jesus since 1975.

Stu Quarterman

Helensvale Campus Pastor

Stu is our Campus Pastor at Helensvale. Stu was a teacher and loves running marathons. He started following Jesus in 1994.

Jim Hill

Southport Campus Pastor

Jim is our Campus Pastor at Southport. Jim used to work in Human Resources, and loves watching AFL. He started following Jesus as a teenager.

Stefan Maslen

Highland Reserve Campus Pastor

Stef is our Campus Pastor at Highland Reserve. Stef has worked in retail, now he loves introducing people to Jesus, whom he has followed since 1992.